Is it safe to visit Kashmir?

Is it safe to visit Kashmir?

Let me first answer your question that you probably came seeking the answer to here; and after that, you can decide whether or not to read the remainder of this article. Is it safe to visit Kashmir?

I am updating this article now on keeping in mind the situation in 2022. As of now, Yes, Kashmir is safe to visit. Internet connectivity is restored and life is back to normal. The COVID situation is nothing to worry about as well. How do you want to handle that is really in your own hands but there are a lot of tourists in the valley already.

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Arriving in Kashmir

The first thing that you would notice after arriving here is that it is just the usual everyday people. People you will meet in any part of the World. People go about their daily lives trying to make ends meet.

It is just the regular shops, tea stalls, and restaurants; portraying a perfect image of how any city looks on an average day. There is no monster lurking in the dark, ready to pounce upon and kill you. There are no sinister people around eyeing you suspiciously. It is just another day in just another place for common people like you and me. You will walk down the roads and nobody will even notice you.

And then you will finally get talking to some of the locals and tell them that you are a tourist there. Shortly after, you will realize that they are one of the kindest and most welcoming people on this planet. They embrace you with open arms regardless of your caste, color, gender, and religion.

Kashmir is one of the most hospitable places on the Earth. You will be welcomed in every home and considered a member of the family. And soon you will realize that all the ruckus the Indian Media has made about the people of Kashmir is just a fairy tale.

Kashmir has one of the lowest crime rates in India. Crimes against women are rarely heard in Kashmir making it a safe place for female travelers.

The main reason for this unsafe Kashmir bubble is because of the media buzz. Most of the media houses sensationalized stories and have exaggerated the problem. The news channels have made us believe that there is something really wrong with Kashmir. This is not true.

Kashmiris want people to visit their land. They want others to know about their history, culture, landscape and in general, their life. They want people to know about the real Kashmir and Kashmiris. So who are we to deny them?

We personally believe that stopping to visit a place is the solution to any problem. It is very easy to form opinions and judgments from outside. Only when we visit a place can we understand what really is happening there. The more people will visit, the more the world will know about the real problem of the place. And what the common people of the place want.

By not going to Kashmir or stopping tourism, we are denying the locals of their livelihood. The houseboat where we stayed had two young men working hard for their families. They want tourists to visit their place. If they are denied that for the sake of “ethics”, then they might be attracted to improper means of income. Who knows?

Bottom-line, Is it safe to visit Kashmir? Yes, we want you to visit Kashmir. The Kashmiris want you to visit there. You can explore the well-known tourist circuit or the offbeat places. Once you are there, we ask you to be respectful to the locals and talk to them. You will realize that Paradise on Earth is indeed a delightful place.

So to answer your question in one sentence.

Is it safe to visit Kashmir or Is Kashmir safe to visit?

Yes, Kashmir is very safe to visit

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